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Fixed issues : Business World 7.5

CommonIssue in Assign substitute windowSCCR-0012075
CommonAggregation in alert setup did not work correctlySCCR-0014703
CommonPossible to add illegal characters in User IDSCCR-0016826
CommonResolved menu access issueSCCR-0020836
CommonIncorrect values in Value lookupSCCR-0021560
CommonTimesheets web service issueSCCR-0022075
CommonPerformance enhancementsSCCR-0022959
CommonImproved Online Help regarding uploading images to News WidgetsSCCR-0023223
CommonAN03 did not save files with correct filenameSCCR-0023424
CommonNot possible to distribute posts to another userSCCR-0023429
CommonPerformance enhancementsSCCR-0023626
CommonAN02 issue related to suppliers and customersSCCR-0024015
CommonUser master file issueSCCR-0024138
CommonPerformance enhancementsSCCR-0024143
CommonFlexi field group definition issueSCCR-0025734
Education and ResearchIssue when changing funder scheme in Project setup (TUFC001)SCCR-0013226
Education and ResearchImport of ARCP resource information error messageSCCR-0016064
Education and ResearchPartner name in Project setup (TUFC001)SCCR-0016678
Education and ResearchFixed issue with total_price and cur_total_price in aucprojectsetupSCCR-0016728
Education and ResearchUFC006 issue with short duration projectsSCCR-0016966
Education and ResearchDisplay issue in Simple costing (TUFC041)SCCR-0018593
Education and ResearchProblem with mandatory flexi-fields in the Project setup wizard (TUFC004)SCCR-0019285
Education and ResearchIssue with end date after change of staff start date (TUFC003)SCCR-0019421
Education and ResearchMulti-department, multi-funder costing issue with currency (TUFC003)SCCR-0019658
Education and ResearchMandatory boolean fields on the UpdateFunder web serviceSCCR-0021286
Education and ResearchIssue with tasks created from Project setup (TUFC001)SCCR-0022619
Education and ResearchAmendment logging for Costing resource information (TUFC031)SCCR-0022711
Education and ResearchButton to add task on Action overview not always availableSCCR-0023006
Education and ResearchHighlight user amendments to Price and FAC values on Price tabSCCR-0023918
Education and ResearchScheme validation when changing project dates on post award costing typesSCCR-0023941
Education and ResearchCOLA amount not included in salary at period level (TUFC003)SCCR-0023943
Education and ResearchApprenticeship levy amount not displayed at year level (TUFC003)SCCR-0023944
Education and ResearchNI amounts showing as zero on Person by period tab (TUFC003)SCCR-0023945
Education and ResearchCollege fees values not copied correctly when copying to another funderSCCR-0023966
Education and ResearchIssue with Student FAC costs on Price tab after project duration changeSCCR-0023969
Education and ResearchDA post duration not retained when changing the project durationSCCR-0023985
Education and ResearchIncorrect error message for NI rates file when validating a costingSCCR-0024663
Education and ResearchPension scheme reset to default when staff post dates are changedSCCR-0025262
Education and ResearchPerformance improvement when using check out/check in functionSCCR-0025304
FinancialsIssue when changing Destination Category in TGL013SCCR-0011636
FinancialsIncorrect defaulting of Period in TVP002SCCR-0012010
FinancialsResolved isse with TAT012 Create asset from invoiceSCCR-0013341
FinancialsSale and Disposal not aggregated in TAT024SCCR-0013625
FinancialsIssue with attribute value and ACC_ARRIVE_COSTSCCR-0019388
FinancialsTranslation issueSCCR-0019391
FinancialsSU14 issue when SU_EXCLUDE_PIN was activeSCCR-0022735
FinancialsTSU005 invoice details were editable for invoice with status RSCCR-0022796
FinancialsSundry supplier issue in TVP002SCCR-0023798
FinancialsPossible to use invalid BACS ID in TVP002SCCR-0025300
Human resourcesClosed Absence codes visible in Absence entry windowSCCR-0013671
Human resourcesPR01 and multiple resourcesSCCR-0014430
Human resourcesIssue in Personnel window for new employmentsSCCR-0014550
Human resourcesNot possible to change Sick Note checkboxSCCR-0014648
Human resourcesFlexi-fields and Course SchedulerSCCR-0015842
Human resourcesIssue with parameter TT_POST_ARRIVESCCR-0017432
Human resourcesPersonnel workflow with Master file approval issueSCCR-0017705
Human resourcesTPR002 issueSCCR-0018077
Human resourcesPayroll proposal issueSCCR-0018774
Human resourcesVariable payroll transactions and attachmentsSCCR-0019310
Human resourcesTravel expense approval in two consecutive periodsSCCR-0021375
Human resourcesResolved PR01 issue with V16 as Fixed PDSCCR-0023483
Human resourcesTTT002 issue with 'Keep revision history' deactivatedSCCR-0023489
Human resourcesIssue with Travel expenses and use of TT_SPLIT_RED parameterSCCR-0024014
Human resourcesTPN001 performance improvementSCCR-0025015
Human resourcesPersonnel license issueSCCR-0025396
Human resourcesNot able to open CV without General address with sequence 0SCCR-0025479
Human resourcesNot possible to save travel expense when TT_USE_POS_INFO was activeSCCR-0025985
LogisticsUnderscore sign illegal value in Sales Order(TSO011)SCCR-0011813
PlannerIssue with Change row in Transaction entry setupSCCR-0011787
PlannerBatch values available in Transaction entrySCCR-0012143
ProcurementDuplicated commitmentsSCCR-0002850
ProcurementOrder quantity incorrectly reduced when doing a partial return of goodsSCCR-0002877
ProcurementCO06 Rebuild commitments improvementSCCR-0002924
ProcurementPartially recoverable tax included in GRN and PO commitment amountsSCCR-0002925
ProcurementTCO004 and commitments of REQ element typeSCCR-0002926
ProcurementCO06 and partial return of goodsSCCR-0008375
ProcurementIssue with approving reactivated requisitions with commitmentsSCCR-0011644
ProcurementTax amounts were doubled when approving GRN commitmentsSCCR-0011695
ProcurementCO06 issue with GRN commitments without workflowSCCR-0012379
ProcurementCO06 did not include decrease in quantitySCCR-0012644
ProcurementCommitment not cleared when requisition was transferred to purchase orderSCCR-0012663
ProcurementIssue with approving reactivated requisitions with commitmentsSCCR-0012802
ProcurementCO06 did not include decrease in quantitySCCR-0013061
ProcurementCO05 issue with taxesSCCR-0014457
ProcurementTVP002 issue with document archive and funds checkSCCR-0019932
ProcurementPerformance enhancementsSCCR-0023224
ProcurementIncorrect status when adding new line to POSCCR-0023490
ProcurementNot possible to change transaction date for PO invoices in TVP002SCCR-0024634
ProcurementUnrecoverable error in PO01 and PO03 for POs with formsSCCR-0026152
ProjectIncorrect values displayed in Notification ID field (TRA0115)SCCR-0022555
ProjectIssue when reversing an invoice in Credit invoiceSCCR-0022828
ProjectIncorrect deletion of information from Invoice base (TTS027)SCCR-0023323
ProjectHigh volumes would cause Invoice proposal to stopSCCR-0023746
ProjectValid values not accepted for Project and Work order relation valueSCCR-0024189
ProjectValid values not accepted for Project and Work order relation valueSCCR-0024193
ProjectDescription not copied correctly in TTS004SCCR-0026229
ReportingResolved issue when using links from browser template on WebSCCR-0012689
ReportingValues not displayed when having more than 300000 rows in browser templateSCCR-0017696
ReportingError message when exceeding max number of rows addedSCCR-0019869
ReportingTRA015 could not show more than 26 variantsSCCR-0020205
ReportingIssue whe creating new browser template from existingSCCR-0020270
ReportingIssue when using View pivotSCCR-0022478
ReportingAddress issue when using Information browser across company customersSCCR-0023002
ReportingNot possible to see Workflow map in Travel transactions reportSCCR-0023169
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